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On February 23, 1913 and 1914, when World War I was coming to a stop, Russian women celebrated their first Women's Day. Later it was decided that March 8 would be the internationally accepted International Women's Day celebration day. Just by being there in our world, you bring so much love and beauty into it, and it makes everyone a little bit more exciting. We all know that without a woman or a girl, the earth would be a desolate desert. Women are stronger than most people realise.

Let's honour their endless strength today. I just wanted to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for what you do. I believe that women's God is one of the best creations; can you imagine a world without you? Every woman in life deserves to be loved, respected, and thanked for everything. Here are some greetings, quotations, wishes, and messages for Women's Day that you can share with others womens day quotes and messages for Women's Day that you can share with others.

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You are a special woman,
and I want you to know,
how very important you are.

💖Happy Women's Day💖

She is a dreamer,
she is a believer,
she is a doer,
she is an achiever,
and that she is you.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

No matter from which angle I look at you,
you appear to be an angel and women's day,
is the perfect to say I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

💖Happy Women's Day💖

To someone who is much,
more wonderful than,
they think with all my love.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

The beauty of a woman must be seen,
from in her eyes because that is the doorway,
to her heart the place where love resides.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

May each and every moment of your day,
be filled with happiness.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

A girl should be two things,
who and what she wants.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Hope your day is sunshine and flowers,
with happy thoughts to fill the house.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

A woman in any form shall be celebrated and honored,
be it a mother or a wife or a sister or any other form.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Women can do anything.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

Women's achievements and sacrifices should be,
acknowledged every day, not only on women’s day.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

I wish you could see,
from my eyes how much,
you are one gem of a woman.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

The world wouldn’t be,
so beautiful without you,
and today is the day,
the world shows some gratitude,
and tells you how important you are.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

To the woman of my dream,
you fill my days with happiness,
and my world with love.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

It's you who are making the difference,
in so many lives and I am one of them.

💖Happy Women's Day💖

You are a woman,
that is your superpower.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

The base on which the whole,
world stands is a woman.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

You are the creator,
the destroyer of evil,
you are the saint and,
you are the guide,
life without you,
would have been impossible,
this is the day to celebrate
god’s best and most beautiful creation.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

You just smile and the world changes.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

Every Home, Heart, Feeling,
Every Moment Of happiness,
is incomplete without you,
only you can complete this world.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

Think like a queen,
a queen is not afraid to fail,
failure is another stepping stone to greatness.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

I just wanted to thank you,
from the bottom of my heart,
for all things you do.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Even if i spend the whole day,
writing about you i will not be able to,
explain how much you mean to me,
you are everything that inspires me,
and makes me feel alive every day.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

I treasure you close to my heart.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

Have your ever looked within yourself ?
You don't realize how precious you are.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Woman’s day is an amazing opportunity,
to remind ourselves that fighting for,
our ladies is a very important thing to do,
support every woman around you and respect,
everything they do because they deserve it.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

Dear women since the beginning,
you have raised mankind with selfless love and care.
May God bless you with more power and love.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

Flowers and chocolate can't do,
what the words of love can,
every woman in our lives is unique and beautiful,
don’t forget to cherish her every day,
not only on woman’s day.
Cheers to our lovely ladies.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

Whether women are better than men,
i can't say but i can say there are certainly no worse.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

With the creation of the world,
you were also added to increase its beauty,
the world is mesmerised by the work you have done.
💗Happy Women's Day💗
Women's day quotes in english.

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Our world would mean nothing without women,
their courage that exists in perfect harmony,
with amazing tenderness saves our world every day.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

Because you are women,
people will force their thinking on you,
their boundaries on you,
they will tell you how to dress,
how to behave,
who you can meet,
and where you can go,
don't live in the shadows,
of people's judgment,
make your own choices
in the light of your own wisdom.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

Where there is a woman there is magic.”
Thank you for making every day magical.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Wishing a very happy woman’s day,
to strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful,
women of this world ,
don’t you ever forget that
you are loved and appreciated.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

She is wind, she is water,
she is snow, she is fire,
she is vibrant, she is ambitious,
she is one of a kind.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

Being a woman itself is a superpower.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

You are special and know that it's true.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

Life is tough my darling but so are you.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

A woman is so much more,
than just a human being,
she has the power to create a life,
to cope up with so much pain,
and somehow always end up,
being the strongest one in the room.
❤️Happy Women's Day❤️

Sure god created man before woman,
but then you always make a rough,
draft before the final masterpiece.
💕Happy Women's Day💕

To all the incredible women in the world shine on,
not just today but every single day.
💖Happy Women's Day💖

Women are always a source of inspiration,
for the family and the society.
💞Happy Women's Day💞

The Sun shines brighter when you smile,
ladies so keep smiling.
💗Happy Women's Day💗

Every life begins with a woman,
we tend to forget about that,
on this day let’s thank every woman in our life,
and show them some love.
💖Happy Women's Day💖